I Still Wish — My Perfect Breakdown

My periods have been a bit wonky so my doctor wanted to make sure my insides are all good. So, I had some blood work done a few weeks ago and an ultrasound yesterday. (Blood work is all good and we are expecting the ultrasound results to come back normal, so I’m not worried). After […]

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The plan that didn’t go as planned

I was looking back and reminiscing on being pregnant all those years ago( 15 ) with my then youngest child. I was a working mom then as well with a bouncing toddler .This would be my last pregnancy , so i thought.

Everything about my pregnancy is such a blur . Thinking back now , it feels like it flew by like a subtle breath of wind , gently passing me by ,brushing on the back of my neck  ever so unnoticed on a summers morning. Then i stop thinking and Remembered . It wasn’t ! i was violently sick for most of the first trimester , bled into the second as if i had a normal monthly period and worked up to the last week before he was born.

My two older girls births were amazing  , I didn’t know i was in labour for either of them when i went in for my weekly check ups and so my journey into mommyhood had until then begun with my waters being broken manually with a knitting needle / crochet tip looking object  and beautiful baby girls delivered in under two ours respectively . That for me was my version of what labour was all about . Continue reading The plan that didn’t go as planned

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Hi , my name is , in order of birth relevance – Michaela’s mom ; Se’ras mother ; Justin’s mum ; Izabella’s Momma and last but most definitely not least Gracie’s mamma , but my friends just call me Kim !

I have been dabbling with the idea of starting a blog for ages now and i am so excited to finally get it going . I look forward to entertaining you with the hilarious antics of my crazy bunch of kids while reviewing  and helping you find the best suited  products tested by those  little humans i have running around my house . I cook , i bake , i yell and shout all while juggling a full-time job and a house full of mini me’s who eat an eat and shout back at me . Sometimes i make the most colossal flops , but hey , if i didn’t , i wouldn’t be a bona fide genuine momma . Thank you for joining me , here’s to many great stories shared , i hope you enjoy the read .